Hi, I'm Rachel

I thought the body was just a box that responded to pills and surgery--I have been blessed by both. But, I am fiercely independent and want to keep moving, standing up when I fall, and showering myself far past the age of 90.


Since my 30s, I understood that my independence costs WORK and investment every day I wake up in my body.  Aging into my 50s felt like my "box" was shrinking. Walking, transitioning to standing and stairs hurt. When I found Osteopathic Manual Therapy as a solution to my foot, knee, and hip pain, it changed my world. I am moving better, feeling better, and living better than ever before.   

As one of the best gifts I've ever found, I chose to License as a Massage Therapist and specialize in Osteopathic Manual Therapy.  My training continues on nearly a monthly basis. With this hands-on instruction and partner practice here in Salt Lake, Seattle, and St. George, I'm breathing better, typing and handwriting more comfortably, and have exited the patterns of allergies, migraines, and indigestion I've lived since my teens. I'm understanding how to support my body through food, movement, and lifestyle from an embryological development, mechanical,  systems, and chemical perspective.


I have loved seeing others thrive--beginning in my studio and then exponentially improve with their own movement and investments. For those who choose the long game of health and independence, Osteopathic Manual Therapy is a hugely valuable tool diverting, delaying, and recovering from any of our journeys that can, to our blessing, include dental, surgical, pharmaceutical, and medical interventions.


As a preventative measure, this work is unmatched in its ability to create understanding and a toolbox of responses to  support the everyday physical demands of of our own definitions of living well during every decade of life. 

Clients often find the work relaxing and rejuvinating.