Hi, I'm Rachel

I am an Osteopathic Manual Therapist who helps people with chronic pain move better, feel better, and live better. Osteopathic means that I use deep tissue osteopathic techniques to free muscles neurologically and leverage muscular attachments for joint movement and visceral mobility. This body work results with better nutrition and functionality of the body for healing and health maintenance. Well-fed tissue supports a healthy body that moves without pain. This treatment changed my world, and I’m excited for this work to positively impact yours, as well.

Practice and Education

The techniques I use are not typical relaxation massage techniques. Instead, they are a customized combination of osteopathic therapies I have learned and continue to learn from ANS Balance HRV and Pursuit Physical Therapy. This approach to treatment is based on the philosophy that all the body's systems are interconnected and treatment needs to consider and address them all to be successful.

I limit my use of these manual therapy techniques to the scope and practice of massage therapy.

Continuing Education

ANS Balance HRV and Pursuit Physical Therapy -- An ongoing professional training program in the Osteopathic Medical Field specializing in muscular and visceral manipulation to allow the body to heal itself. Completed coursework includes:

  • Lower Extremity: Palpatory Guide to Dysfunction, 16 CEUs

  • Cranio-Cervical Complex in Posture, 16 CEUs

  • PSNS I Revisited: Head Zone's Limbic System Treatment, 16 CEUs

  • PSNS III: Dental Procedures Manual Approach, 16 CEUs

  • Pelvis in Gait,  16 CEUs

  • Visceral Manipulation I: Pelvic Structures, 16 CEUs

  • Visceral Manipulation III: Sub-Diaphragmatic Structures, 16 CEUs

  • Visceral Manipulation IV: Vascular Neurochemical Structural Treatment, 8 CEUs

  • Osteopathic Medical Sciences I, 16 CEUs

  • Osteopathic Medical Sciences II, 16 CEUs


Licensed Massage Therapist, 2021

Myotherapy College of Utah -- More than 850 hours of training and clinical experience.


Masters of Educational Studies, 2011

University of Phoenix -- Specialized in skills to teach all students with every combination of learning strengths, including adult education.​