Together we open the door to healing from head to toe, supporting the lifestyle you love


Like the time costs of mining the Oquirrhs, I always respect the step-by-step process that is required in healing chronic, long-term issues, as well as my clients who are full-partners in their success to more easily walk, run, type, sing, sit, swim, bike, garden, clean, shop, drive, work, compete, relax, and play.

Clients will benefit by creating a baseline of three appointments with the confidence that they can maintain benefits  with their own movement. Instead of over-treating, we will allow time for the body to integrate realignment changes for the full benefit of our work together. As clients demonstrate maintenance of benefits even within the first few meetings, appointments are rescheduled  at longer intervals to ensure maintenance.


While the body is a master of compensation, I find it important to schedule a "systems check" at regular intervals, monthly or quarterly to ensure  the highest capacity for independence and health.


As a client and therapist, I have found Osteopathic Manual Therapy an excellent tool to help people stay young, independent, and active as old as possible.

Nutrition and Sleep 
Movement and Independence
Benefits of Modern Medicine
Human Connection 
Life Purpose, Vision, and Service
Equals Health

At Copper Mountain Manual Therapy, we all CoMMiT to Feel Better, Move Better, and Live Better.