Together we open the door to healing from head to toe, supporting the lifestyle you love

Osteopathic Manual Therapy targets the CAUSE of pain rather than the symptomatic pain. My purpose is to quickly realign and release musculature to allow the body to move fluidly and support its own healing, helping those navigating the costs of age, injury, or corrective surgery, as well as competitive athletes who want to shave a few seconds off of their time or increase their performance and range.


Muscles are intended to contract tendons and ligaments that move our joints, bones, and organs. Not only is the musculoskeletal system intended to glide and move smoothly, but the binding and stickiness of organs can negatively affect a person’s balance, ability to walk and breathe comfortably, and consequently can limit both daily lifestyle and athletic performance.


My specialized training allows me to reset healthy relationships between muscle movement of the skeleton, circulation of lymph, blood, nerves, and organs to re-empower the body to unwind and synchronize its movement for healing of even chronic pain. My sessions open the door to this reset: clients support the coming changes over the weeks that follow through their healthy hydration and life-style movement and practices.

I always respect the step-by-step process that is required in healing chronic, long-term issues, as well as my clients who are full-partners in their success to more easily walk, run, type, sing, sit, swim, bike, garden, clean, shop, drive, work, compete, relax, and play.


As a client of Osteopathic Manual Therapy, I have searched for ways to be physically independent for at least a century. This work is an excellent tool to help people stay young as old as possible.

At Copper Mountain Manual Therapy, we all CoMMiT to Feel Better, Move Better, and Live Better.