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Personal Injury Notice

I do not treat anyone who is involved in any kind of personal injury situation (car accidents, workmen's compensation, or any other kind), litigation (law suits) for injuries, or anyone who plans to sue anyone for injuries. I don't get involved in anyone's legal matters under any condition.


There are NO EXCEPTIONS, including individuals who want to be treated here and pay out of pocket instead of having an insurance company pay on their behalf, related to an accident.


For any current clients who have been involved in an accident where there is an open insurance claim, please contact us right away so we can pause your treatments and refer you to an excellent therapist who treats patients involved in insurance claims or litigation.


I know this is disappointing news to many individuals, and I sincerely apologize that I am not able to provide care in these situations. I am a solo therapist with many clients. Unfortunately, responding to subpoenas and mandated court appearances result in severe disruption of care to my other clients, many of whom are under time constraints for their own therapy.


Clients are more than welcome to schedule appointments again after their insurance claims and court cases are COMPLETELY closed.

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