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If you want something better, find ...

Someone who is already doing what you want to create in your own life and train with them. This advice from our early Real Estate Investment Training days has paid off again and again in every part of our life and dreams for ourselves.

Recently, I visited Scott James, a Canadian-trained Nutritionist, recommended to me by my mentor, Autumn Mayberry. He is a second-generation Nutritionist in Ogden, HELTH inc., whose father developed formulas to address maladies of his private clients, not available on the regular market. There are 1,000s of formulas on the market and a few I have chosen based on training by professionals in the nutrition field. I am my own favorite science project, but I want to act based on facts and research.

Autumn's description of HELTH's protocol--testing blood, urine, and saliva, results predictive of one's health history--piqued my interest and aligned with my hopes to LIVE BETTER. Her clarification that many of her osteopathic manual therapy clients have benefitted from his services, magnifying their progress with their osteopathic treatments for greater results, supported hopes I have for myself.

I have taken Nutrition Classes, followed multiple eating and exercise strategies. In every case, I want to drill down into what my body needs, specifically. I am very clear on the genetic costs my family members have paid, and my husband and I have consciously worked to leverage the very best our own bodies and minds have to offer. We choose regular medical checkups but hold ourselves responsible to make the good advice work in our favor. Despite the fact that we eat and exercise similarly, at Scott's office my husband's tests revealed great health patterns of absorption, while my own will demand more attention to rebuilding my digestive system to absorb both proteins and nutrients as we work to reset PH levels tested.

I liked the charts and graphs Scott shared to compare my current body patterns with the ranges of good health; there was some good news. I do request annual bloodwork with my Medical Internist Doctor, as well. While the medical field's labs are necessarily used to predict, prevent, or diagnose weakness and pathologies of the patient, a nutritionist looks for patterns of the body's ability to process and absorb nutrients reflecting the functionality of the digestive and excretory organs.

While HELTH's personalized service is commensurate with my own rates, and the addition of the supplements can multiply the cost, return visits for retesting and monitoring progress with the validated expectation for healing and final independence from the supplements led us to reschedule.

Another reason we sought this advice and treatment is my husband fell playing Frisby Golf on ice with our boys in December. Osteopathic Manual Treatments helped reduce the swelling, pain, and realign the joints and tissue of his foot after limping for a few days before we discovered he had broken his proximal Fibula.

Ironically, it was the compound soft-tissue damage from the fall that weakened his ankle and was of greater concern to his specialists at the U's Medical Center. Scott's formula and track record for healing bone, soft-tissue ligament and muscle damage answered our additional questions of how to support my husband's most rapid, long-lasting healing process from a nutritional standpoint. We'll be returning to the U where 12-weeks healing were set as the expectation to monitor his progress and this nutritional impact--Despite the cold, our bicycles, the sidewalks and tennis courts are calling, and we're motivated to recapture our active lifestyle. I know that any cash flow we create in our business and career investments will mean little during retirement if we cannot get up and go to enjoy it. Our eating and movement are body investments we hope to draw from for many, many decades of retirement.

I'm using these blogs to record real sources of information that have helped me live better and make them available to my clients. This is not a paid advertisement. Like my own business, Scott's books fill via Word-of-Mouth advertising. Before scheduling, I called and interviewed him. His answers to my questions aligned with the medical science training I have had in understanding the interworking of body systems. Do your own research and make your best choices as you move forward taking care of your personal needs. Consult with specialists or others who have the kind of results you want. In the end, each of us is separately responsible for outcomes. I did not mind finding out I was wrong in some of my former well-studied and advised nutritional choices because Scott offered a recovery plan for healing and better results that matched my actual physical status now. Cheers! To Life! and the privilege of living --Rachel

Scott James--505.620.4413 to text or call

To Schedule directly, click here--HELTH inc.

Likewise, it's really paying off for me to schedule monthly with my Osteopathic Manual Therapist. I love Moving, Feeling and Living better!

Ready to schedule with Copper Mountain Manual Therapy now? See you soon!


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