Rachel is an exceptional manual therapist! She has a gentle, confident touch and an excellent understanding of the human body and its systems. She is able to formulate treatments based on that knowledge and blend her therapeutic skills into a session and sequence of sessions that not only help her clients resolve their pain or discomfort but actually improve their health and wellness.


I have the utmost respect for her as a person and as an esteemed colleague. I highly recommend her to anyone needing manual therapy!

--Autumn Mayberry, LMT, Rose Canyon Manual Therapy

Rachel is knowledgeable and uses different techniques to correct whatever pain or discomfort you're experiencing. I highly recommend her.

    --Paul Ewing


My first session with Rachel included two different techniques to help relieve my tight hips and low back pain. This was my first experience with Osteopathic and Thai techniques. I was very delighted to experience not only a relaxed mental state but also relief in my hip joints! Thank you, Rachel, I look forward to my next visit.

--Darlene Erich

The work Rachel does is very powerful. Instead of viewing pain as an isolated issue, Rachel looks at the entire body and pinpoints the issue at the source--she really has a gift for uncovering issues and providing exactly what you need.


A lot of massage modalities come with high discomfort in order to render good results, but I was pleasantly surprised to learn that OMT is basically pain-free. If you'd like to see lasting results to resolve your problems, go see Rachel!

--Katelyn Ivey, LMT

Afer 3 appointments with Rachel, my chronic ankle pain is nearly gone. Rachel was able to use her knowledge and skills effectively to increase my range of motion and dramatically decrease the stiffness in my joints. I recommend her services to anyone, and I consider her an excellent massage therapist.


--Annette Chambers, LMT