Clients Choose Osteopathic Treatments when... 

  • Pain does not fit traditional models or patterns.

  • Chronic conditions require maintenance for more comfortable movement.

  • Effective intervention for Carpal Tunnel Syndrome is needed.

  • Posture is out of alignment.

  • Muscles are not firing with strength.

  • Breathing has become difficult.

  • Headaches and TMJ distress need muscular release.

  • Cramping with the menstrual cycle is limiting.

  • Difficulty swallowing is noticed.

  • Dizziness or general imbalance occurs when moving or stationary.

  • Competitive or lifestyle sports maintenance is desired for improved performance of speed or accuracy.

  • Injury recovery and rehabilitation are needed.

  • Pregnancy changes call for more structural support.

  • Experiencing sore, stiff, or spasming muscles.

  • Stress management and relief needs a boost.

  • Maintaining and improving the quality of life.

  • Keeping fit and healthy to support full-body wellness.

  • Traditional medical interventions or physical therapy may have been limited by insurance or scope of practice.

Targeted for

Sustained Results