Clients Choose Osteopathic Treatments when... 

  • Pain does not fit traditional models or patterns.

  • Chronic conditions require maintenance for more comfortable movement.

  • Effective intervention for Carpal Tunnel Syndrome is needed.

  • Posture is out of alignment.

  • Muscles are not firing with strength.

  • Breathing has become difficult.

  • Headaches and TMJ distress need muscular release.

  • Cramping with the menstrual cycle is limiting.

  • Difficulty swallowing is noticed.

  • Dizziness or general imbalance occurs when moving or stationary.

  • Competitive or lifestyle sports maintenance is desired for improved performance of speed or accuracy.

  • Injury recovery and rehabilitation are needed.

  • Pregnancy changes call for more structural support.

  • Experiencing sore, stiff, or spasming muscles.

  • Stress management and relief needs a boost.

  • Maintaining and improving the quality of life.

  • Keeping fit and healthy to support full-body wellness.

  • Traditional medical interventions or physical therapy may have been limited by insurance or scope of practice.

At times work is accomplished in sidelying position, as well as supine, and prone.

Targeted for
Sustained Results