Expect Great Sessions and Results

When clients arrive, they can expect to be immediately admitted to my professional studio for their scheduled appointment. Please ring the doorbell at your scheduled time. You may wait in your vehicle or during warmer weather chairs will be available on the patio. 


First-time Clients

​Prepared as first-time clients with their health history, all clients will be given time prior to our bodywork to reflect and capture the active patterns of that day. This review is important before we begin our work, as Osteopathic treatments consider head to toe, past to present impacts in our hope to improve your future.


All Sessions

Mechanical tests identify muscular relationships to the head, neck, shoulder, arm, hip, leg, ankle, and foot alignment, the center of balance, and stance. As needed, Diaphragmatic and thoracic breathing musculature is also checked. Your session may also include structural checks of the abdomen to ensure the healthy alignment of muscles and viscera to their important attachments for support and movement of the whole. 


All sessions are clothed and allow clients to quickly be on their way.


Appointment Length

​Time will be honored along with the physical body's needs for alignment. Time limits serve to protect the body’s ability to recover healthily and rapidly from the day’s treatment. I will respect your investment as well as my own ability to deliver necessary work as promised during each appointment. Appointments will end to accommodate all clients as scheduled.


Maintain Therapeutic Benefits 

Clients will find with good hydration and consistent movement that their body systems will continue to unwind and realign for better bodily functions across the coming weeks for the full impact of the treatment. Your work at home will multiply the value and positive outcomes of your investment in Osteopathic Manual Therapy. 

Like the need for an automobile alignment to protect the suspension and wearing of brakes and tires, maintenance appointments on a monthly or quarterly basis are encouraged. As you consider the outcomes you want, please remember:


Moving pain is healing pain, signaling that the body is independently correcting and maintaining itself.

  • Consistent hydration, movement, and healthy lifestyle investments support the best outcomes.

  • Muscle or other pain that settles into the same area in the same way for 3 days to 3 weeks is considered chronic and can immediately benefit from another treatment.