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The techniques I use are NOT typical relaxation massage. Instead, they are a customized combination of osteopathic therapies I have learned and continue to learn from Pursuit Physical Therapy. This approach to treatment is based on the philosophy that all the body's systems are interconnected, and treatment needs to consider and address them all to be successful. Mobilization is key to regaining range of motion and good health.

I limit my use of these manual therapy techniques to the scope and practice of massage therapy.

Continuing Education

  • Autonomic Visceral Treatment: Pottenger, Bennett, and Chapman, 16 CEUs

  • Scapulothoracic Upper Extremity, 16 CEUs

  • Neuromuscular Exercise Science II, 16 CEUs

  • The Athletic Lower Extremity: Run, Hike, Garden, 16 CEUs

  • ​Lower Extremity: Palpatory Guide to Dysfunction, 16 CEUs

  • Upper Extremity: The Multi-Tool Restored, 16, CEUs

  • Thorax in Posture and Gait, 16 CEUs

  • Advanced Thoracic Cage, 16 CEUs

  • Pelvis in Gait, 48 CEUs

  • PSNS I Revisited: Head Zone's Limbic System Treatment, 32 CEUs

  • PSNS III: Dental Procedures Manual Approach, 16 CEUs

  • Visceral Manipulation I: Pelvic Structures, 32 CEUs

  • Visceral Manipulation II: Oropharynx to Sub-diaphragmatic Structures, 16 CEUs

  • Visceral Manipulation III: Sub-Diaphragmatic Structures, 32 CEUs

  • Visceral Manipulation IV: Vascular Neurochemical Structural Treatment, 16 CEUs

  • Pediatric Treatment I, 16 CEUs

  • Pediatric Patient II: Neonate to Pre-Pubescent, 32 CEUs

  • Cranio-Cervical Complex in Posture, 32 CEUs

  • The Electrical Cranium, 16 CEUs

  • CranioSacral Therapy 1: Assessment of Central Nervous Systm and Fascia for Full Body Treatment, Upledger Institute International

  • Osteopathic Medical Sciences I, 16 CEUs

  • Osteopathic Medical Sciences II, 16 CEUs

  • Osteopathic Medical Sciences III, 16 CEUs

  • Osteopathic Medical Sciences IV, 16 CEUs

  • The Myalgia Patient, 32 CEUs

Licensed Massage Therapist, 2021 Myotherapy College of Utah -- More than 850 hours of training and clinical experience.


Master of Educational Studies, 2011 University of Phoenix -- Specialized in skills to teach all students with every combination of learning strengths, including adult education.​ 


Bachelors of English and German, Certifications for Secondary Education and Mild-Moderate Disabilities, 1991 Southern Utah University.

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