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Meet Rachel Tobler

Osteopathic Manual Therapist
With a few simple tests, I have been trained to recognize the source of chronic pain, whether muscle, joint, tissue, nerve or organ-related and address it with manual, medical-science techniques, including Postural/Gait Analysis, Sport/Performance, Deep Tissue, Strain-Counterstrain, Somatovisceral, Chapman's, Bennett's, Pottenger's Reflexes, Myofascial and Trigger Point Release, Lymph, Myo-Skeletal or Muscle Energy Technique, Cranial, and Visceral Release. My training continues every month to the benefit of my professional growth and my clients' facilitated healing and increased mobility.

New Clients or Returning Clients with new, acute issues are invited to schedule three sessions within a 30-day cycle to ensure progress and integration of the improvements that begin on my table. Individual choices to hydrate, feed, walk, crawl, stretch, and play multiply the benefits of osteopathic work.

As a client of osteopathic manual therapy, myself, I schedule monthly to maintain my best movement. This pattern ensures long-term improvement and multifaceted benefits. Osteopathic Manual Therapy is a valuable tool for more lifestyle choices that include the freedom of better physical health and activity. 
Though gentler, like chiropractic work, the sessions are clothed in a private professional office.
Each session tests your capacity for range of motion and function. Corrections are initiated that free you for better movement and reduced pain.

Move Better, Feel Better,
Live Better

Osteopathic Manual Therapy


When acute or life-threatening situations, or complex diagnoses arise that may require surgical or pharmaceutical interventions, please seek advice from your chosen medical team. Regular medical monitoring can save lives and improve results.  

Osteopathic manual therapy is an excellent complement to traditional medical care.

Why Naturopathy

Why Osteopathic Manual Therapy?

It can help slow, stop, and divert pain patterns, supporting your journey to better health.

Shadow on Concrete Wall

Even with an athletic build, our abdomens are intended to be as soft as a newly cooked pot of pasta. Adhesions limit our blood flow, digestion, and movement capacity, shortening our strides.


Lymph movement for immune strength as well as improved capacity to breathe deeply are pillars of osteopathic treatments, supporting the costs of aging, injury, and the athlete as well as those recovering from Covid or other diseases.


When digestion and circulation work harmoniously with your capacity to breathe, detoxification of the stomach and tissues of the whole body are empowered. 

Women's Health

Beginning with initial menses, abdominal and pelvic floor work can help women better manage monthly cycles. Hormone production is also positively affected with these treatments. Before, during, and after pregnancy, this work is stellar in supporting both the mother and child for the healthiest growth and delivery.

Chronic Pain

While moving pain is a sign of healing, Chronic or stuck pain signals dysfunction. Osteopathic targets the source.


It's simple: When we move better, we feel better. When we feel better, we live better. Live up to the purpose of your better self and life with this work that magnifies your best.

Rachel is an exceptional manual therapist! She has a gentle, confident touch and an excellent understanding of the human body and its systems. She is able to formulate treatments based on that knowledge and blend her therapeutic skills into a session and sequence of sessions that not only help her clients resolve their pain or discomfort but actually improve their health and wellness.


I have the utmost respect for her as a person and as an esteemed colleague. I highly recommend her to anyone needing manual therapy!

--Autumn Mayberry, LMT, Rose Canyon Manual Therapy

Come and Come Again to Move, Feel, and Live Better 

New and Returning Clients will receive up to 40 minutes hands-on therapy along with a detailed consultation to personalize treatments and build upon the clients' ongoing progress. Family rates are available for New Clients of the same household, and Packages reduce session prices for Returning Clients. See the Menu for more details. Reserve your time by scheduling below now.


  • 45 min

    140 US dollars

  • 45 min

    110 US dollars

Supporting Your Better Health is Our Purpose

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12031 South Middle Teton Drive, Herriman Utah 84096

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