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Easy Steps for (re)Scheduling & Packages

Updated: Aug 14, 2023

Prepayment and scheduling with a Package are described.
Scheduling and rescheduling on our website can be easy with these tips.

Because Osteopathic Manual Therapy is so effective over time, I am happy to offer Package Deals to my clients who choose the advantages of tune-ups for deeper, lasting support and solutions. Currently, clients can save 5-15% on their sessions by purchasing in packages of 2, 3, or 4 appointments.

This is a living work. I invest as much as $1000 a month for the classwork and travel to attend a 16-hour weekend training that hones my hands-on skills and targets at-risk areas and systemization. Each training begins with a combination of embryology, the development of the human body, chemical maps, circulation, nervous system, limbic and enteric systems, bones, joints, fascia, ligament, tendon, muscle, skin, organs, digestion, and brain functions. Not only do my clients' bodies change, but the way I address their needs changes with this multifaceted approach.

I ensure my own treatments with my peers by scheduling in advance; I can get the appointments that work best with my schedule 3-5 weeks ahead.

I'm always happy to help you, and I answer both texts and emails daily. As needed, a text or logging into the website can change your appointment without charge with 24-hours or more notice. To schedule your appointment and use a Package you have already purchased, follow the steps below.


  1. If you have already purchased a package, use the MENU to LOG IN with your Email.

  2. Click on the MENU, again, for personalized options including My Subscriptions (Packages) and My Bookings.

  3. My Bookings tab will report both past and future appointments and allow for rescheduling.

  4. When you click on My Bookings and need to schedule an appointment, you will be redirected to my online calendar. Choose an appointment that fits your schedule.

  5. As you check out, there will be buttons on the page that allow you to USE or purchase a Plan for discounted appointments as well as pay for a single appointment.

  6. You may schedule multiple appointments at the same time--Repeat step 6.

  7. ***Successfully scheduled appointments will be confirmed with an immediate email and text.

  8. Contact me directly if you do not receive this confirmation at (385) 355-1377, and I will ensure the reservation date and time you text me. I will answer your text.


  1. Use the MENU to LOG IN with your Email.

  2. Click on MENU once more for Personalized Options.

  3. Click on "MY BOOKINGS."

  4. On the UPCOMING tab, use the Rescheduling Feature to change your appointment.

  5. Note the menu option, MY SUBSCRIPTIONS, lets you see your current number of prepaid appointments.

  6. Both you and I will receive a confirmation email of the change.

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