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Great Titles that have improved my Mindset, Life, and Hope

Updated: Aug 14, 2023

My AP English teacher was a woman who wrote to me throughout my young adulthood and welcomed me as a maturing mother and now grandmother to her mailbox and now email in box.

Her husband passed away after enduring the difficulties of cancer. Her recommendation to me was this book. Click on the image if you want a link.

We have shared this book with our parents, our 70-90 year old dinner club--I'm not there yet, but they feed me anyway:). My husband and I read it together: We both felt challenged and enlightened about the choices we had for our endgame. The discussions between my parents kept my Dad in his happy place until he passed during the first week of the Covid shutdown:: home. I especially appreciated the insight into my husband's heart for the quick calls and hard decisions that may come when the hospital will describe the costs for our fight for life.

A second book recommended by a licensed counselor for eating patterns and relationships with one's self is Intuitive Eating. There are workbooks to accompany this book--you'll link to the original title by clicking on the photo to the right.

Learning to feel and hear our own bodies is a superpower that SIMPLIFIES EVERYTHING.

80% of our health is related to the way that we eat, but this book disproves scientifically the faddish unrelenting diet mindsets that have been communicated to the youngest and oldest of us.

Protecting ourselves and the rising generation from the cookie-cutter ideals of the body that is smattered through all platforms of social media will result in greater confidence and health for the individual and their beloved generations. To Life! To Health! Rachel

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