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Joyful and Triumphant Eating All Year Through

Updated: Aug 14, 2023

I've spent years working to apply non-fiction page by page. I study slowly, test the patterns I learn in my real life, and keep the best impacts as my new norms. I've learned to eat my way away from the impacts of Hypoglycemia and Celiac Disease. I've found that broader rather than restricted eating is better for my maintenance. The book Intuitive Eating represents my favorite combination of simple principles and scientific studies that support proven results outside of the sometimes-harmful diet culture. Here are the principles:

  1. Reject the diet mentality.

  2. Honor your hunger.

  3. Make peace with food.

  4. Challenge the food police.

  5. Discover the Satisfaction Factor.

  6. Feel your fullness.

  7. Cope with your emotions with kindness.

  8. Respect your body.

  9. Movement--Feel the difference.

  10. Honor your health--Gentle nutrition.

We started reading the hardcover version and ended with the Audio. It's nice to keep growing even with a busy schedule. I posted these principles in my pantry, and I find myself still asking--How much am I really enjoying this food? Does it still taste good? Am I already full or satiated with this flavor or texture? How do I feel after I've eaten this? I enjoy all varieties of food, and even as my doctor has recommended a low-fat, low cholesterol eating pattern, I have found that smaller portions of any food can take care of my hunger for specific flavor combined with healthier choices for necessary satiety.

I've been grateful for every bit of leverage that improves my lifestyle and health that I find in my studies as well as insights through conversations. Here are a few more ideas and links to sources that make positive impact on the end game of digestion.

  1. Hydrating on 30-minute cycles and the addition of one 16 ounce serving of electrolytes a day have had significant impact on my gut health. I took the path of least resistance and started with Costco's Liquid IV. Here is a blog by Emma that details the science behind my success. Here is the link for Forbes 2022 review of electrolytes to consider for yourself.

  2. Holiday and travel-eating as well as the post-op impact of surgery can contribute to constipation. One client was willing to share "The Recipe" her surgeon gave her. The ingredients are simple, and the results of taking 2 Tablespoons 3 times a day took care of the issue for her and other clients who have given it a try. Mix 1 cup Oat Bran, 1 cup Applesauce and, 3/4 cup Prune juice. That's it.

  3. My grandparents kept several magazines in the bathroom. So, I was surprised as I waited in a Proctologist's office to learn that reading on the toilet was correlated with higher incidences of hemorrhoids. Here's the summary of the original research, finding nearly half of men and women engage in the practice: "It transpires that toilet readers spend more time on the loo and consider themselves less constipated than non-toilet readers, but other measures of their defecation habits show the two groups hardly differ. Shaoul's work hints that toilet readers suffer more haemorrhoids – something that made for cautionary news stories around the world – but the effect is neglible. Finally, Shaoul concluded that reading on the toilet is widespread, alleviates boredom, and is ultimately harmless." The Of course, counselling with your own specialist is wise.

  4. Further research on the topic clarified that prolonged sitting or standing can both contribute to hemorrhoids. Prolonged reading in the bathroom is prolonged sitting.

  5. The Squatty Potty puts your body in position for better bowel movement release. I still laugh at the farcical video but accurate explanation of the way it works in your favor. A more scientific review of the purpose and practice of squatting was offered by Michael Sieber.

Use the underlined brown links for the articles I studied to learn more about these topics.

May all of our eating practices continue to work in our favor! Cheers. Rachel

Read this blog to learn more about the effect of electrolytes on the digestive system, as well.
Intuitive Eating principles are highlighted along with Hydration and electrolytes, countering constipation, and Squatty Potty tools and research are featured.

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