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Looking for Great Gifts for Improved Movement and Health Maintenance?

Updated: Nov 29, 2023

Often, I suggest tools that help clients improve their mobility. Rather than a strict exercise regimen, I cycle through exercises to ensure that my body has to react to multiple movements across a 10-day period, including crawling, walking, and sport.

In addition, I source several of the exercises found at my trainer's website:

Some of my favorites are Bear Stretches and Foam Rolling. You can pretty much pick out a body part, follow the instruction, and feel improvement with his guided practice.

While tennis balls, golf balls, and Jacks balls are fairly easy to find when you need relief in your calves and feet, some additional tools include:

  • Bespillow--We sleep 6-8 hours a night. Having good support is vital. Here's my newest discovery. For side and back sleepers or when sharing a bed, a 3" Memory Foam topper allows your spine to stay in a neutral position. Bolstered by a simple pillow set or body pillow to hug for shoulder support and leg separation supporting the hips, better sleep is worth the investment. Keep your hands open or gently curved for best rest and results.

  • Foam Rollers --For IT band, ribcage, and glute rolling.

  • Theracanes --For Muscle Spasm release where you find them.

  • Massage Guns --For IT band, subscapular, pectoralis, glute, quads and calf work. PLEASE remember when using this at the neck to bend your head toward the gun as that will soften the muscles in preparation for the massage work rather than add tension to the area.

  • The Miracle Ball Method --to gain greater extension for upper thoracic, hip, calf and glute work, alternated with tennis balls.

  • Large Exercise Ball --The Swiss Ball can quickly release the upper back from daily work stress, interrupting headaches and shoulder tension with "Snow Angel" repetitions in full extension--upper back, neck, and head support.

  • Lacross Peanut You can use these on the spine like the Miracle Ball Method. Tennis balls work as well, but you will need to stabilize these on the same location bilaterally.

  • Massage Shawl This device can help you help yourself. it's a little less awkward than managing a massage gun at your shoulders and is effective for heat and mobilization of your shoulders. It can be used in other areas of the body, as well.

  • Neck Stretcher Several of my clients are using a similar device. After my car accidents 30 years ago, I still find that my head position is vulnerable. LESS is more. Please follow the guidelines and counsel with your own medical professionals. A maximum of 10 minutes is advised, and I had Delayed Onset Muscle Soreness following my first exposure. Using the lower less challenging side and starting at half of the time or less, giving yourself 3 days. to learn how your body responds is important for your success.

Using these tools for as little as 20 minutes a session, alternating with your days of Yoga, movement, or weight training for 20 minutes can be among the best gifts you give yourself this year. Enjoy! Rachel

Purchasing these tools is an individual decision that can include counsel from your own health team members.
Foam Rolling and Trigger Point tools can keep your body mobile.

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