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DMBA Publishes Utah COVID-19 Vaccination Update and ATLANTIC's explanation of reported case numbers

Updated: Aug 14, 2023

Come to get help with freer breathing and body function following your exposure and recovery from Covid.
Osteopathic Manual Therapy can support our journey with Long Covid recovery.

As a person who blocked out December 4th through 24th last year for COVID to complete its run in my 2-person household, and as individuals who have Long-Covid, non-transferrable issues of tinnitus for me and shortness of breath for my husband, we chose to vaccinate. I still like the odds that DMBA's report offers.

For clarification nationally and setting expectations for the coming winter, read The Atlantic's article "Six Rules That Will Define Our Second Pandemic Winter."

Regardless of your stand on this issue, there is help for those who have endured the costs of this pandemic. My professional training continues to target the effects of COVID-19 and effective responses in helping my clients navigate the current health climate with greater and improved health. See the list of my recent trainings on Copper Mountain Manual Therapy's Website: About Us

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