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What's New Under the Oquirrh's?

Updated: Aug 14, 2023

To celebrate a new year of service, Copper Mountain Manual Therapy's website has just been refreshed for easier navigation.

In my climb for personal and professional improvement, I have completed nearly 500 hours of continuing education credits. This means improved, more detailed approaches to dysfunctions that cause pain.

I'm not finished: each year, I am scheduled for another 9 classes, nearly 150 more hours of detailed hands-on training.

This work is beautiful to me, as is the incredible support that our body creates for our benefit. Understanding how to leverage the connections of our multiple body systems can:

  • improve knee, hip, and ankle function and coordination, either slowing or diverting our continuum to replacement surgeries.

  • open the carpals for better hand coordination and improved shoulder and elbow movement.

  • help us breathe more deeply and effectively, simultaneously supporting our lymph and immune systems.

  • realign the spine to reduce back pain and increase range of motion.

  • sustain a stronger step forward aligning the upper and lower body for improved gait.

  • prepare and support dental work and general surgery, reducing the swelling, neck strain, and need for long-term pain killers.

  • increase circulation to our organs for better overall well-being.

  • relieve tension in the head, neck, and shoulders, reducing headaches and migraines, as well as improve hormone support.

  • support the mother-to-be and the child in embryo and gestation for best development and delivery.

Know someone who is looking for this kind of support? Please share

You can text me directly for same- or next-week appointments when one is not showing on the calendar, and I will offer what time slots open as they come available. Text (385)355-1377

I'm happy to continue offering three package deals to each client--this work is worth repeat services.

Currently, clients are finding the most scheduling options by scheduling 3 and 4 weeks in advance. Planning ahead has worked for me, as my fellow osteopathic manual therapists in the valley are scheduling out into the next month, also. While each appointment is limited in its scope by time, monthly visits have been time well invested as I pursue my own peak performance in life. Cheers! Rachel

Each class I take my clients' needs with me asking, "What's Next?" to support your healing progress.
Continued Professional Training is core to my business.

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